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Should you consider Metacade as one of the best new cryptos to buy? Given its strong community focus and realistic vision for the future, Metacade is very likely to make waves into the future of the metaverse.
If you're looking for a project that could be the next hot utility token or metaverse crypto project, then Metacade might well be the answer. With excellent prospects and a fantastic future ahead of it, Metacade offers little downside with plenty of upsides.
No matter your opinion on the metaverse, the proof is in the numbers: it is here to stay. Given Metacade's epic plans for the future, it's safe to say the platform could herald in a new trend: community-run game development across the metaverse.


The Metacade is the ultimate Web3 community hub where gamers and crypto fanatics can communicate and collaborate.

Our vision is to create a fun and dynamic virtual hangout for like-minded people to enjoy all things GameFi and experience everything that Web3 culture has to offer...

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Our community hub will focus on the most pressing narratives and trending developments in the crypto gaming ecosystem. With you, we want to blitz the Web3 market by building a one-stop platform for Metaverse enthusiasts to network and build their careers in the high-potential P2E world.

Test Contributors will be rewarded in $MCADE along with limited edition staking options. When we say, "Metacade is designed by gamers, for gamers," we mean it. Access various ongoing side hustles by contributing alpha, content, opinions, and ideas in the community based on the trending topics each month.

With Metacade, you don't need to be a games developer to become a key influencer. Search the live 'side hustles' each week, and contribute to the platform and community to reap attractive rewards.


Our goal is to make Metacade a self-sustainable platform and use the platform to reward the community through an innovative token staking mechanism. We also intend to build a treasury reserve that can be used to develop the strengths of Metacade community and enhance the future of blockchain gaming.

The following strategies will reap benefits for the $MCADE token and Metacade community:

Advertising Revenue
Tournaments/Events/Prize draws
Job Listings
Pay to Play Arcade
Game Testing

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In total there will be a fixed supply of 2,000,000,000 (2 billion) $MCADE tokens.

There will be a total of 1.4 billion (70%) tokens made available for the presale event and these will be released in 9 stages.


Q4 2022

Presale launch of the Metacade token
Release website, Whitepaper and tokenomics
Build founding team
Full security audit
Establish initial community on Discord and other social media platforms
Influencer marketing drive
Launch gaming community giveways & competitions

Q1 2023

CEX Listings
Token launch
CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko listings
Token listing on Uniswap
CEX listing drive, Metacade aiming to be on 3-5 top 10 exchanges
Initial development of Metacade underway

Q2 2023

Create2Earn - Metacade Launch
Create partnerships with established P2E projects
Gain further CEX listings
Additional gaming community giveaways & competitions
Launch our universal/online hangout for all things GameFi & P2E transparent and community driven reviews & data
Basic DAO model to develop the community

Q3 2023

Play2Earn / Compete2Earn
Classic arcade launch
Develop a community driven testing environment for gaming projects
Grow list of external games in our arcade
Create our own Metacade gaming tournaments, prize draws relevant to gaming
Community votes on prize choices each month, buy tickets to enter using our token Supply burnt
Deliver very first MetaGrant won at our first big competition

Q1 2024

Launch the game developed with the first MetaGrant
Post listings for interns, gigs, jobs within the gaming community
Create regular competition schedule for MetaGrants
Further grow list of games on our platform
Launch community driven testing environment for gaming projects

Q2 2024

Create framework to offer grants to aspiring games developers in our communities
Identify and invest in either new gaming projects & in pre-sale/post sale positions and run a community treasury where all token holders receive rewards
Post internships, gigs, careers for all our listed partners to give to the Metacade community
Achieve GameFi status

Q4 2024

DAO Governance
Hand over key roles and responsibilities to the Metacade community
Gamers will run the largest P2E Arcade in the world, Metacade!
Achieve full community staffed business


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James Theophane
Head of Creative
James Theophane
Russell Bennett
Head of Product
Russell Bennett
Rob Shelford
Lead Developer
Rob Shelford
Tony Walkin
Head of Data
Tony Walkin


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Giveaways worth  $225,000

Actively participate in our presale event and grab a chance to win attractive rewards every day.
Mega Prize:

At the end of the presale, we will be giving away $125,000 as a single lump sum! This will be for $MCADE token holders only. All you need to do is hold 10,000 $MCADE tokens (~$100) to be in with a chance of winning.

Daily Giveaways:

Throughout the presale, we will give away $100,000 in $1000 & $2000 batches, as well as over 100 desktop arcade machines! Our arcade machines have over 4000 OG arcade games preinstalled, such as Pacman, Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong and more!

You can participate by entering the contests by either holding the $MCADE token or by interacting with us on social media. All winners will be drawn from the prize pool, and results are announced daily.

Visit here for information on how to enter.


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