Rune Realms


Do you remember the first time you felt the thrill of a video game victory? The sound of the victory music, the flash of the “game over” screen, and the unbeatable feeling of knowing you’ve conquered the challenge? That thrill is something we all share – and it’s the reason we, at MetaStudio, do what we do.

Now, we’re offering you the chance to be more than just a player. We’re inviting you to be a part of the game – literally – by minting our exclusive NFTs and partake in earning 10% revenue share in the process.

Genres / features

P2ENFTMintingRevenue Share


Internet Connection

Languages Supported

  • Audio: English

  • Text: English


MetaStudio boasts an impressive collection of accolades, this talented group of professionals is dedicated to developing groundbreaking games that push the boundaries of innovation. United by their shared passion for excellence and commitment to revolutionizing interactive entertainment, MetaStudio aims to make a meaningful contribution to the gaming industry.


Strobe light effects, Cartoon, Mild Language

In-game purchases

Base Game

Release Date2023-07-10