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We're now accepting applications for existing and new projects that require investment to succeed. Easily launch any type of game or project with us today!

Below are games and projects that we have agreed to list for our community.


Cryptopia makes onboarding intuitive and easy by abstracting away the blockchain. The game is built on top of a multi-sig wallet. This means that players do not need an external wallet (like MetaMask or TrustWallet). They create a game account (just like any traditional game) and get a wallet with that. It also means that players do not leave the game environment when interacting with the blockchain. Everything is done from the game UI, making it a seamless experience. In addition, a multi-sig wallet is the safest and most secure wallet available. This helps newbies to crypto feel safe and secure. Our game is free-to-play-and-earn. You don't need to buy an NFT in order to play and earn. Just create an account and start playing. Try the game and see for yourself if this is something for you. Combined with the easy sign-up, we have the prerequisites in place for easy onboarding. The barrier to entry is extremely low.

Aether Games

The company develops non-fungible token (NFT) based games and computer-generated imagery (CGI) mini-series and specializes in game publishing and animation, providing game enthusiasts with non-fungible token (NFT) games with enriching visuals.

Striker Games

We Are A Team Of Passionate And Experienced Game Developers Dedicated To Creating Immersive And Entertaining Games For Players Around The World. Since Our Establishment In 2022, We Have Been At The Forefront Of The Gaming Industry. Our Games Are Designed To Bring Joy And Excitement To Players Of All Ages And Backgrounds, And We Are Committed To Providing An Unforgettable Gaming Experience. We Believe That Creativity And Technology Go Hand In Hand. That's Why We Invest In The Latest Tools And Technology To Bring Our Ideas To Life And Deliver Games That Push The Boundaries Of What's Possible. Our Team Is Made Up Of Talented Artists, Programmers, Designers, And Audio Specialists Who Work Together To Create Unique And Engaging Games.

MoonBoi Studios

Moon Boi Universe is a 2.5D cyber-fantasy RPG. Inspired by classics like Pokémon and Final Fantasy, you can customise your character appearance, combat moves and soundtrack. This is achieved by defeating enemies, gaining xp and unlocking ‘power nodes’ by spending the in-game currency ‘fragments’. Each node represents a new move, power up or summon ability. We’ve even thrown in elemental attributes to mix things up! As we move towards true metaverse interoperability Moon Boi Universe will focus on creating fun first gameplay, real world value for players and strategic collaborations with both new and established brands. We are creating the new gaming standard and welcome the new gamer personas created by combining web 2 structure and web3 utility.

Tech 3 Gaming

Whatever your needs, Tech 3 Studios will meet them. We are full stack gaming studio with all your game solutions including blockchain integration. Need something built? We can do it.

Adria Games

Adria Games is people.. who like games! Meet an independent game development studio based in Poland. We are fueled by creativity and positive energy. Our goal is to give players the best playing experience by creating games on the grounds of unforgettable stories and breathtaking designs.


MetaStudio boasts an impressive collection of accolades, this talented group of professionals is dedicated to developing groundbreaking games that push the boundaries of innovation. United by their shared passion for excellence and commitment to revolutionizing interactive entertainment, MetaStudio aims to make a meaningful contribution to the gaming industry.